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Global Professional Direct
Contracting Program

Tapping Additional Medicare Options to Give You More

Lifespark has been accepted into the Global Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) program, a 5-year pilot, with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

This contracting opportunity allows Lifespark to be our own payor under Medicare, with a focus on serving seniors with high needs plans.

As a GPDC program member, Lifespark has the ability to influence seniors’ experience on a holistic and longitudinal level building strong relationships, providing excellent care, helping those most at risk navigate through the complex health system, and connecting people sooner to late life care. As a payor, Lifespark can provide seniors with more options to connect them to the right care, for the right reason, at the right time, to help them age magnificently.

We’re excited about what this can mean for you.


Your Questions Answered

These are just a few of the questions we’ve been getting. We encourage you to reach out to our team directly for more detailed responses at lifesparkhealth@lifespark.com or call 952-345-3213.

Who can participate in Lifespark’s direct contracting entity (DCE) opportunity?

Seniors with original Medicare, not Medicare Advantage or MSHO, can take advantage of this opportunity. They must meet specific criteria determined by CMMI. Reach out to our team for eligibility.

There are two types of ‘patients’ that can be enrolled:

  • Voluntary – people can ‘self-select’ to participate and choose Lifespark Health as their primary care provider.
  • Claims-based – people are automatically aligned/attributed based on 10+% of primary care services from direct contract entity in past 2 years.

Who is the primary contact for Lifespark’s DCE?

For questions about Lifespark’s DCE, please reach out to Cathy Lauring, VP, Lifespark Health at clauring@lifespark.com or call 952-345-8770.

Who are the participating and preferred providers involved in Lifespark’s DCE?

Here is a list of all participating providers – click on each of their names to learn more about them:



Does Lifespark Health have any joint ventures or do any of its providers?

No, there are no joint ventures associated with Lifespark Health, Lifespark Medical Group, or its providers.


Who are the key members of Lifespark’s DCE governing body?

DCE Governing Body Name Company
Consumer Advocate Jean Ketcham Aging But Dangerous
Beneficiary Served by DCE Jean Ketcham Aging But Dangerous
Provider(s) Cathy Lauring, NP, VP Lifespark Health Lifespark
Member Allison O'Conner, VP Strategy Execution Lifespark
Member Tom Schmitt, President Lifespark


Who are the key clinical and administrative leaders of Lifespark’s DCE?

Name Role Title
Cathy Lauring

Medical group oversight, leadership, and execution.

VP, Primary Care Lifespark Medical Group Practice Owner

Dr. Nick Schneeman

Medical and clinical oversight, leadership, and management

Chief Medical Officer

Kim Radel

Geriatric Care Operations leadership, management, execution

Director, Care Operations

Carol Stanley

Member experience leadership, management, execution

VP, Lifespark Experience

Hilary Frank

Life Management (care management) leadership, management, execution

Director, Population Health Operations

David Clements

Data, Reporting, and Security leadership, management, execution

VP, Engineering

Jolene Little

Human Resources recruitment and development

Senior HR Business Partner

Sandy Miller

Compliance oversight, management, and execution

Senior Director Corporate Compliance

Mitch Voss

Finance leadership, management, execution

VP, Finance

Ali McNulty

Program leadership, development, and coordination

Executive Director, Navigation